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In screen printing FAQ, we are often asked "How do I know the correct print dimensions?"

Broken Arrow's largest print dimension is 14.5" high and 14.5" wide. However, the standard t-shirt print is 12.5" high and 12.5" wide. (This does not include our All Over Shirt Printing dimensions. Please call for specs.)

Print dimensions are really dependent on the location and detail of your custom apparel design. Broken Arrow's art department can help you size your artwork design for the look you are trying to achieve.

What is a specialty ink?

A specialty ink is an ink medium that is out of the ordinary for screenprinting on apparel. We have amazingly cool effects such as glitter, foil, high density ink and bright florescent neon inks just to name a few.

What happens if the color of ink isn't exactly what I viewed online?

Ink colors may vary depending on your computer monitor. Remember, computer monitors display very differently depending on your settings and the make and model. The colors will be close, but with possible variances in a shade or tint of a color.

Where can I print my design?

Please view this link for our most common screen printing locations.

Can you do an All Over T-shirt Print?

Sure! Broken Arrow is excited to offer custom and affordable All Over Shirt Printing. We can print on both the front and back, but are unable to do wrap printing at this moment. For more information on our All Over Printing limitations and helpful tips, Click Here.

Can I get a screened sample of my design?

Broken Arrow offers a great online approval system. This allows you to view your artwork before the product is actually decorated or printed. If you would rather have the physical sample in hand, you are able to do a minimum order of 6 pieces.

Can I get a garment sample?

You bet! We do provide sample garments. We ask that you pay for the items at a discounted price plus $5 per item for shipping. Call 800.810.4692 for more details or to order samples.

Can I get a catalog?

Yes! Right now you can see our easy to use online catalog. We carry a large variety of products from a number of apparel vendors and we can find almost anything you need. We will be happy to search for your special request.

I want to start a company... can you do wholesale?

Of course! Broken Arrow products are priced at wholesale pricing. We offer lots of extra services that appeal to many new apparel companies. Some of our most popular services are warehousing and fulfillment, bagging, tagging including folding/labeling. Ask a sales representative for additional information.