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embroidery techniques

Select tour personalized embroidery techniques for the perfect embroidered garment.

embroidery techniques

Custom decorating and embroidery techniques for apparel.

Broken Arrow has vast services to offer our clients. Vast services to decorate with embroidery techniques unmatched by anyone. There are two main features our techniques cover when applying embroidered lettering or numbers. (We also use Greek embroidered appliqué to your custom apparel orders) There is satin basic stitches and step-satin stitch embroidery techniques to consider.

Although these embroidery stitching patterns are basically the same, each brings diverse visual effects. Below are rundowns for our custom embroidery techniques we produce. Most items we custom decorate with embroidery are products such as hats, tanktops, t-shirts, hoodies and ball team caps. Choose which garment best fits your embroidery order needs.

Satin Stitch Embroidery

The bright sheen shining from satin stitching catches sunlight reflecting back soft colors. Very much as satin fabric does. Satin stitching is the ideal technique for embroidery shapes that are 2 inches tall or smaller. The satin stitch creates a low stitch count. This is perfect for simple embroidery designs giving a smooth satin feel.

Here is our standard embroidery stitch technique to the right for your viewing. For an enhanced visual of our embroidery techniques, visit our Custom Embroidery Design Samples page. Or our custom Art Approval Directory to view client's orders in progress.

embroidery techniques

Step-Satin Stitch Embroidery

When enlarging numbers, shapes and lettering we choose to use the step-satin stitch technique. This is for larger designs that are 3 inches tall or more. This step satin pattern is created by smaller stitches that fill larger pattern areas. While satin stitching places thread over an entire area in longer strokes. The step-satin stitch is perfect for everyday wearing. It eliminates the possibility for typical everyday snags. Choose this technique for your largest embroidery art designs.

To the right is an example of the step-satin stitch. Consider either one of these embroidery techniques for your custom embroidered apparel for gorgeous results every time.

embroidery techniques

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