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embroidery 3d puff

Order 3D embroidery on hats, shirts and apparel to add dimension to custom apparel

embroidery 3d puff

Custom Embroidery With 3D Puff Decorating Makes Apparel POP!

Personalized embroidery 3D puff is simple with our embroidery methods. These techniques will add valuable height to your custom artwork. Your designs will lift up off the surface of your apparel item. These applications use similar procedures. Although, they will have different results on the finished embroidery. Add dimension to hats, tanktops, t-shirts, jackets and hoodies. Sports teams can order custom decorated team uniforms with our 3D and puff embroidery.

Personalizing with Layered 3D Embroidery

Layered 3D embroidery is a method of doubling a design's stitch count. This makes the threading thicker and raises the design up off the item's surface. The 3D layering effect gives a finer sense of detail. It works best with standard satin embroidery stitching.

For best embroidery results, the 3D method should be used on thinner fabrics. Fabrics, which may be laundered more often such as oxford shirts, Polos, hoodies and tshirts.

embroidery 3d puff

Customized 3D Puff Embroidery

To make our trendy 3D puff embroidery, a foam material is placed under the stitching. Once the artwork is embroidered onto the garment, a heating process allows the foam to puff up. This gives the three dimensional effect. Foam comes in variable widths to accommodate different designs. Multiple colors of foam backing are also available. This application uses a doubled thread count. Double threads ensure the foam material will stay covered.

Block lettering and rounded shapes work best with 3D puff embroidery. Use it on items such as on hats, jackets and sweats. Consider building your artwork with more rounded shapes, too. This makes it easier for the embroidery needle to puncture the foam material completely.

Thicker garment items that are seldom washed, generally work well. This 3D embroidery method is fabulous. Items such as jackets, bags, hats and caps and tote bags make perfect corporate apparel items. They also are great for customers, bake sales, school functions and fundraisers. Schools and colleges love 3D puff embroidered apparel making their logos and mascots stand out and be seen!

Customized embroidery on garments created with these techniques, is beautiful. Add screen printing to your order including jeweled rhinestones on shirts, too. Our screenprinting on t-shirts, sweats and hoodies is just the thing to add decorations for that extra pizzazz. Broken-Arrow is a state of the art custom decorating company with innovative techniques. We also offer custom contracting services, wholesale prices, warehousing and fulfillment services.

embroidery 3d puff

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